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St.louis school student activity association (SAA)


The Student Activity Association, abbreviated as SAA, is a student body responsible for extra-curricular activities.

It provides support and guidance to different clubs in the school. In each academic year, SAA helped the school to organise large-scale functions such as the Joint Club Exhibition, Junior Training Program, Student Activities Days and different Inter House activities.SAA also organise joint school activities such as the Leadership Training Camp.

Our Committee Members:


Internal Secretary                  
External Secretary
Public Relations Officer
Welfare & Activities Committee

I.T. Manager

I.T Manager

General Manager

Lily House Captain

Rose House Captain

Shamrock House Captain

Thistle House Captain

Tulip House Captain

Sub-committee member

Sub-committee member

Sub-committee member

Sub-committee member

Ng Tim Tim
Hui Kwan Kin

Cheung Kwan Ho
Cheung Tsz Hang
Lui Hin Wang
Chiu Shing Chit
Lau Kwok Cheung
Liu Tsun Kuen

Lai Yi Kan Ike

Lo Cheuk Lam

Cheung Wai Hang

Lai Vinci

Tam Tak Shing

Luo Wing Lam

Lee Shan Yuan

Luk Chung Hang

Lam Hei Yat Heyatt

Lee Chak Him

Wong Pak Hang

Anagha Ray Choudhury

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Our Teacher Advisors:

Mr.Lai Tak Wai

Mr.Chan Chun Ket

Mr.Lo King Yeung

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